A Multi-talented American Trucker

Tim the Trucker has over 35 years of trucking experience. After numerous years as an OTR (over-the-road) trucker, Tim the Trucker shifted into regional operations, then local. Tim the trucker has driven for both commercial and government enterprises. At the federal level, Tim the Trucker drove in the United States Air Force for 3 years, he drove at Grand Canyon National Park for 2 years, and he drove a United States Postal Service star route for 3 years. At the municipal level, Tim the Trucker has 5 years of experience driving school buses for various school districts and 2 years of experience driving transit buses for the transit system in indianapolis. Today, Tim the trucker drives at the state level, driving for the PEN Products division of the Indiana Department of Correction.

Indiana Department of Correction/PEN Products

IDOC/PEN Products


PEN Products is a division of the Indiana Department of Correction. PEN is a acronym for Prison Enterprises Network. Indiana's prison industries manufacture goods and provide services using offender labor. 

PEN sells office and lounge seating, park and patio furniture and equipment, a full line of cleaning products, laundry services, printing, offender clothing, and detention furniture. PEN provides Commissary services for all offenders in the Indiana Department of Correction. Offenders also work in a number of joint ventures with private industry.

Zenith Global Logistics

Zenith Global Logistics


Zenith Global Logistics is a specialized supply chain solutions provider, offering the home furnishings industry the control of an asset-based network to move product with greater efficiency, less damage, and a single source of visibility. Zenith provides branded, fully integrated solutions with the absolute highest commitment to customer care and service, going beyond the customers’ transactional needs to create collaborative partnerships that provide a single source network.

Indiana Lubricant Transport

Indiana Lubricant Transport


Indiana Lubricant Transport is wholy owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Oil Holdings. Pinnacle Oil Holdings is a fully integrated, independent lubricant manufacturer and packager located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Started in 1987, Pinnacle is a comprehensive source for superior quality lubricant products and services. It is committed to producing only quality lubricants that meet or exceed the latest industry standards with competitive pricing and service unparalleled in the industry.

Commercial Transport

Commercial Transport


Commercial Transport currently operates approximately 100 tractors and 150 trailers. The largest part of our trailer fleet is food grade pneumatic trailers that are "Kosher Certified" and dedicated to hauling food grade dry bulk products. The balance of its trailers are dedicated to the hauling of alcohol and petroleum products. The food grade fleet covers 48 states and Canada while the liquid fleet is more regional and specialized.

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation - IndyGo



IndyGo is the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation - a Municipal Corporation of Indianapolis – Marion County and the largest public transportation provider in the state of Indiana.

IndyGo employs more than 500 employees and provides 10.29 million passenger trips each year.

Eagle Express Lines

Eagle Express Lines


Eagle Express Lines is a full service asset-based contract carrier that specializes in the on-time delivery of time sensitive materials. Its drivers are based in most Eastern and Midwestern metro areas with Terminals in Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, and Pittsburgh, PA.

Eagle Express Lines primarily services the routes of the US Postal Service. Its primary mission is to service the needs of the US Postal Service at locations across the country with on-time delivery, courtesy, safety, and efficiency.