When an internet technician recently arrived at my home to do some line repairs, it became quickly obvious that the technician knew less about the internet than what I did. So, I began to question why I had to pay for various internet services when those providers knew less than I. I made a decision to learn server protocols, and to purchase my own private server.

Currently, I am transfering my digital assets to my own private server.


The following list is a non-exhaustive sampling of the nearly 50 websites that I host and maintain.

  • Atheus Ministerium 

Atheus Ministerium is a non-profit organization initiated by Timothy Platt to ensure religious protections for non-religious American citizens.

  • The Bifrost Way 

The Bifrost Way is an assortment of nordic literature pertaining to Norse Mythology.

  • Brother Timothy 

Brother Timothy is an assortment of mostly Medieval literature about German mysticism. 

  • Civil Rites 

Civil Rites offers traditional religious rits, such as weddings and funerals to non-religious citizens that want the old traditional services, but with a secular tone.

  • Comandante Che Guevara 

Comandante Che Guevara is dedicated to information about Latin America's patron saint of rebellion.

  • Debsian 

Debsian offers a public presentation of the collective works of Eugene Debs.

  • The "Do-it-yourself" Facebook Lawsuit 

The “Do-it-yourself” Facebook Lawsuit offers information about starting a lawsuit against Facebook if your Facebook account gets suspended.

  • The "Do-it-yourself" Twitter Lawsuit 

The “Do-it-yourself” Twitter Lawsuit offers information about starting a lawsuit against Twitter if your Twitter account is suspended.

  • operation CDL 

Operation CDL provides interesting news snippets about many of America's interstate highways.

  • Saxon Knights

Saxon Knights is an Indiana-based prison gang. They have long lamented the unjust public perception associated with their gang. And, they have long pledged to create a website to express their beliefs. This Saxon Knights website is an independent interpretation of the somewhat dated Saxon Knights claims.

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