The average life is a mere 30,000 days (approx. 83 years). That is it – 30,000 days. And, each day you lose another day. So, how will you spend your time? Toiling as an under-paid, under-appreciated worker while someone keeps the profits that your efforts produced? 

That exploiter of your production lives a leisure life at your expense. While you toil to produce the profits that he squanders, he spends the afternoon engaged in a leisurely game of golf, all the while denying you critical time off for important family affairs.

Socialism and atheism is inextricably linked. We are no longer chained to the indebtedness created by religion. “Joyfully serving our employers as if we are serving the Lord” no longer applies. There is no cosmic benefit for squandering our lives for the benefit of someone else. As atheism takes hold, the next generation will demand equitable portions of the profits their efforts produced. If not, they will refuse to toil. 

Work gives us the income to enjoy our lives. But, if we are denied a fair portion of the profits with which to enjoy our lives, then it is better to enjoy our lives without money then to have money but have no control our our own destiny.

Atheist Ministry, Antigo