Tim grew up as a progressive republican just 45 miles from the Birthplace of the Republican Party in an area influenced by the politics of Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette. When Tim moved to Indiana and witness how oppressively conservative republicans interpret republican ideals, Tim was transformed into a socialist.

Tim's activism falls into two categories: Virtual Activism and Legal Activism.

Tim was a pioneer in using social media as a platform for activism; Tim also maintains several websites to support various sociopolitical causes. And, Tim has filed a variety of lawsuits for various legal issues. Tim's legal activism is covered extensively at IN-justice: One Citizen's Repudiation of the unjust Indiana Justice System.

Tim's virtual activism includes:

Being counted among the Avante Guarde of Generation X, Timothy C Platt encourages citizens to build a responsive socialist party for the 21st century.

Being a part of the initial wave of the modern atheist movement, Timothy C Platt continues to counsel atheists concerning the proper presentation of atheist doctrinal positions.

There is a lot of lingering Cold War propaganda that subverts America's understanding of true socialism. Here Timothy C Platt clarifies modern socialist views.

In the United States, the socialist party has been fractured into numerous special interest groups that refuse to cooperate, each competing for leadership instead of working towards America's best interests. The Socialist Central Committee was originally established to encourage unity among the competing factions.

In Memoriam of America's original nationwide socialist party.

Timothy C Platt, Virtual Activist