I grew up in south-central Wisconsin. My parents enjoyed traveling; so – as children – my siblings and I had visited 36 states during our annual family vacations. I have added 13 more states since then, having now visited 49 states total. My wife, Sonia, and I are planning a future vacation to the only state that I have not visited – Hawaii. In additions to the numerous states, I have visited many of the South and Central America countries. 

Sonia and I are now empty-nesters living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Nevertheless, we do still enjoy traveling. Our preferred modes of travel nowadays are ocean-cruises and train rides. We are also planning a series of European vacations. 

I joined the US Air Force right after high school. I was stationed in Panama for two years where I met my wife, Sonia. I began my education after returning state-side and receiving my Honorable Discharge.

I was offered a job at the Grand Canyon during my final year at Concordia College – Wisconsin. I quickly became a part of an elite group at the Grand Canyon – Fred Harvey's famous Grand Canyon Tour Guides. But, after two years at the Grand Canyon, I knew I had to focus on a career that provided a livable income sufficient enough to support a family. I returned to Wisconsin where I accepted my first OTR (over-the-road) job.

Trucking came nature to me. I drove trucks in the US Air Force. I supported my education with straight-truck and school bus jobs. And as a tour guide, I drove a motor coach. And, I has been in and out of trucks ever since.

The lack of career advancement opportunities has transformed me into a staunch socialist. And, having witnessed so much hypocrisy and elitism while completing my Bachelor Degree at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, I lost my faith. I am now an ardent atheist.

Timothy C Platt & Sonia Bosquez-Platt